1. Who can participate?
    • Everyone can send in his/her work!
  2. What can I send to the HANT-Magazine?
    • 1 – 15 photos or single photos and/or 2 texts
  3. How can I submit my work?
    • Photos: For the upcoming edition you need to submit your photo projects via Picter. Register via Picter.com and follow the instructions on the website. In order to submit photos or photo series please go to Picter.com and follow the instructions.
    • Texts: For your text submission, please use the form on our homepage at https://www.hant-magazin.de/?page_id=72
  4. Is there a theme?
    • Yes, you can find the theme on the front page.
  5. Limitations
    • Photos: The submitted photographs must fulfill the following technical terms: minimum Length: 4000 pixels, max. 7000px NO WATERMARK – Print quality
    • Possible file formats for images are: JPG, JPEG
    • Name (recommendation): NAME_TITLE-01.jpg
    • Texts: The texts must contain at least 160 signs and up to 2000 signs AND need to be submitted via hant-magazin.de. Format: DOC, DOCX, TXT, RTF, ODT, PAGES, PDF File
    • Photographs and texts that do not fulfill the above mentioned conditions can not be taken into consideration.
    • HANT is a young magazine for photography. In the sparse Thuringian landscape with only few platforms for photography, we are searching for undiscovered photographs. We want to collect the few grains of sand in the desert of photography, in order to make them visible for a greater publicity. For us, photography is like a journey by enabling us to collect memories of past moments.
  7. When is the deadline for the upcoming issue?
    • The deadline is on July,30, 2019 (11:59 pm).
  8. How does the HANT-Magazin get financed?
    • The editorial staff works on a voluntary basis. The costs for print are being covered by the sale of the magazine and the release party. By organizing release events and being financially supported by a promotion of culture, we try to ensure a long-lasting project.
  9. What happens if my work gets published?
    • After being notified about getting published, you will get a free copy of the issue just as soon as it is for sale. Moreover, you will be kept up to date about all events that are being organized by the HANT-Magazine.
  10. What happens with my personal data?
    • In order to manage the participants and photographs, your submitted personal data will be saved. Personal data will NOT be passed on to third parties. In case your works gets published, the editorial staff reserves the right to save your name and contact in order to get in touch with you.
  11. What about analogue?
    • As a matter of priority, digital data or scans are preferred. Within our limits, we are glad to help convert analogue into digital data. In order to do so please send your material to the following address:
    • Fotoinit e.V. Einsendung Salinenstrasse 34 99086 Erfurt GERMANY

update: 12.07.2019